Sunday, 2 February 2014

93 Year Old Operated Upon

AG Govinda Raj, 93, a Second World War veteran, was losing his vision due to cataract. Though he enjoyed good health and had never visited doctors all his life, he felt compelled to seek medical help now. An avid walker who walked 5 km every day, he was unable to do so now because of his vision problem. He came accompanied by his son who had himself undergone cataract surgery in both his eyes at LVPEI. 

Dr Prashant Garg decided to operate upon him despite the difficulty of the patient’s advanced age. Post the operation, Mr Govinda Raj is extremely thankful to Dr Garg for restoring his vision and his son Mr Ashok is so enthused with his father’s new found zeal for life that he wants to get him enrolled for international games in the 90 plus category in the walking competition. 

Mr Govinda Raj says that the ambience and quality of care made him feel that he was seeking medical care at some hospital in the US. He is full of praise for the hospital and its staff, and rates LVPEI as one of the best hospitals in the world. 

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