Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Little Harshini overcomes strabismus

S Harshini of Machavaram town in Guntur district had strabismus (squint) right from birth. When the child was six months old, her parents took her to a doctor in their locality who recommended that they consult LVPEI but they delayed the consultation. 

But when the child was three years old, she developed difficulty due to the squint problem. Luckily for the parents, by that time LVPEI had opened a tertiary centre in Vijayawada. They immediately consulted the doctors at Tadigadapa. Dr Niranjan Pehere instilled courage in them and counseled them regarding the surgery. The surgery for strabismus was performed successfully. 

Post surgery, Mr Srinivasa Rao, Harshini's father, expressed happiness that Harshini is able to see normally having overcome the problem. He conveyed his gratitude to Dr Niranjan, his secretary Bhavani, and the rest of his team for helping his child and felt that the people of Vijayawada were very lucky to have such a good hospital in their vicinity.

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