Sunday, 3 November 2013

Venkateswarlu Retains his Job Thanks to Help from CSE at LVPEI

J Venkateswarlu was a topper and a recipient of the National Merit Scholarship. A triple postgraduate and an MBA graduate, he was battling eye problems from age 10. He had always worn glasses and had undergone a keratectomy when in college to help stabilize his vision. Later in 1996, he underwent LASIK surgery in both his eyes, and his vision returned to normal. He had a cataract surgery in 2004 but in 2010 he was diagnosed with glaucoma. Deteriorating vision drove Venkateswarlu to visit several eye hospitals but to no avail. No one wanted to operate on him, because of his complex case history. That is when he came to LVPEI.

In June 2011, Dr G Chandra Sekhar, Head of Glaucoma Services, tested his eyes and sent him to LVPEI's in-house Centre for Sight Enhancement (CSE). At CSE, Mr Deepak Kumar Bagga and his team counseled him about a range of low vision assistive devices such as magnifiers and computer software MAGic, but Venkateswarlu was upset since he was not prepared to live with low vision! He had expected to have his vision restored to normalcy after going to LVPEI. As he was a finance manager, he worked with worksheets, numbers, Tally software, etc. But increasingly, he was unable to manage his office work and thought of quitting. Towards the end of June 2011, he visited CSE again, without an appointment, and requested the staff to explain some more about the use of assistive devices and the portable video magnifier - Olympia. After over an hour of patient explanation, Venkateswarlu decided to use the Olympia magnifier to aid him in his work along with MAGic software. His MD saw the devices and advised him not to worry about losing his job any more. A grateful Venkateswarlu says. "I would have lost my job if Dr GCS and Mr Deepak did not help me at the right time."

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