Friday, 4 October 2013

Samreen overcomes congenital glaucoma

Hailing from the Defence Colony in Kanpur, Samreen Naseem is a happy person today having surmounted the difficult problem of bilateral congenital glaucoma.Glaucoma (kaala motiain Hindi) is a condition where the fluid pressure inside the eye rises to such a level that it damages the delicate structures of the eye, especially the optic nerve.

She had first presented as Baby Bushra, a 18 days old child with bilateral congenital glaucoma, a genetic disorder and also Phthisis bulbi in the right eye. To address the problem of congenital glaucoma, trabeculectomy was performed on her left eye to relieve the intraocular pressure by removing part of the eye’s trabecular meshwork and adjacent structures. The Phthisis Bulbi affecting her right eye, on the other hand, is a shrunken, non-functional eye that results from severe eye disease, inflammation or injury. Dr Mandal operated upon her while she was under the care of the reputed ophthalmic surgeon Dr N N Sood at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). 

Later on, while on a visit to Chennai, the parents had read about LVPEI in a news magazine and came to the institute with hope. After Dr Mandal took up the case, the situation has more or less stabilized and had not deteriorated any further.With trabeculectomy having been performed seven times on her left eye, her vision was restored to 20/200 in the left eye. Samreen is now a girl driven by ambition and the zest to enjoy life like any of her peers. She is all praise for Dr Mandal who she says is not only a very qualified doctor, but a great human being. 

Thanks to him, she never required special care and had been able to study like any other child by using eye drops to maintain the intra-ocular pressure in her eyes. She even managed to excel in her studies, securing 94% marks in her 12th standard. Equipped now with an M.B.A degree, she says she wants to either pursue her higher education and earn a PhD, or perhaps like to be involved in a business. 

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