Monday, 2 September 2013

Tran Minh Anh was born and brought up in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The opportune moment for her to be associated with the world of Optometry presented itself when the two organizations of Eye Care Foundation and Brien Holden Vision Institute in collaboration with the Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology were scouting for avenues to establish and develop Optometry in Vietnam. Tran Minh Anh seized the opportunity by enrolling for a course in optometry, securing a sponsorship for a 4 year program. This was how she came to L V Prasad Eye Institute and the Bausch and Lomb School of Optometry (BLSO).

With interests in travelling and reading books, Tran Minh was particularly fond of Chemistry and Biology right from her school days. Tran Minh had travelled to a few countries before coming to India, having chosen the country for its strength in imparting both theoretical and clinical skills. She says she is fond of Hyderabad for its beauty and feels that India, with its diversity of cultures, provides a very fascinating environment. Though she finds the food spicy and oily, she has come to cope with it. Being the fourth year of her stay at BLSO and LVPEI, she recalls how the past 4 years were memorable.

She found the classes held in BLSO very interesting and inspiring. She has a special word of praise for the BLSO principal and faculty who are always helpful and supportive. She also recalls how during her internship, she could herself clinically examine patients. She also recalls how she and her mates at BLSO had chanced upon 'Reflektionz', a two-day intercollegiate festival at the Sankara College of Optometry, Bangalore, on the occasion of World Optometry Day. The festival included more than 20 competitions; and there were 8-9 colleges from South India attending it.


Tran Minh Anh – fondly called Miao by her mates - won awards in various categories such as debate, pick and speak, art from waste and face painting categories. To top it all she even won a special prize for winning the highest number of prizes in the festival. This was something special both for Tran Minh and BLSO. She became noted on campus as the Vietnamese student who had come all the way to study Optometry in India and was now winning awards for BLSO, beating students from other institutes! Tran Minh Anh hopes to become an Optometry practitioner in Contact Lens and Pediatrics. She is also ambitious of becoming a good teacher to inspire the minds of aspiring Optometrists.