Monday, 2 September 2013

Tira, the eye bank trainee from Mizoram


T Lalhriattira or in short Tira is from Aizawl, Mizoram. Having completed his B SC in Physics, he found work as an ophthalmic assistant at the eye bank at the Civil Hospital in Aizawl. He has now been sent to LVPEI to train for 3 months as an eye bank technician at the Ramayamma International Eye Bank.

Now two months into his training at LVPEI, he is highly appreciative of the quality of training provided and is particularly impressed with the immense practical orientation he is getting. In his words, “Even after 10 years, I will not be able to forget what I learned here at LVPEI!” 

Thanks to the practical hands-on training imparted by eye banking staff, he says that he has gained so much knowledge and experience in two months that he is confident of applying it right away; if he were to return to Aizawl now, he thinks he could handle assignments with ease. What that would entail for an eye bank technician would be to screen the donor, retrieve the corneas from the deceased, processing of corneas, evaluation of the corneas and distribution of suitable corneas to the needy surgeons. This would also include ensuring quality until the cornea is transplanted along with taking care of laboratory and equipment maintenance, instrument cleaning and sterilization and proper documentation of the donor corneas.

He also had the opportunity to work with eye donation counselors trained by LVPEI. The counselors spend time at the multispecialty hospitals, approaches bereaved families and motivate them to make an eye donation. This forms part of the HCRP (Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program) which is the first of its kind started by LVPEI way back in 1990.

Tira looks forward to coming back again for the one week refresher training. After completing his training, he aspires to work for the people of Mizoram in particular, and India at large. He is a soccer enthusiast just like most of his other peers from the North East; but quite unlike many other digitally inclined, keypad-happy youngsters, he enjoys reading good old books and has even enrolled for a B.A to fulfill his passion!

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