Monday, 2 September 2013

Dr. Joseph Nezgoda completes short term clinical rotation


Dr Joseph Nezgoda says that with his fellowship training having completed, he will have two personal goals being very effectively fulfilled. Firstly, he will be able to understand and perform the nuances of Small Incisional Cataract Surgery (SICS) that he believes is the most cost-effective treatment for cataract extraction. Secondly, he will also be able to pursue his main area of interest of vitreoretinal disease thanks to the exposure to the retina service at LVPEI. 

He feels that LVPEI offers good learning opportunities in retina care. The diversity and numbers of India’s population provides a host of trauma and uveitis cases that can only further his education. He has seen many cases of Macular Telangiectasia (MacTel), VKH, Behcet’s disease, FEVR, Retinoblastoma, among other rare conditions, and found it exciting that LVPEI’s research includes Idiopathic Juxtafoveal Macular Telangiectasia (MacTel), a blinding condition of the retina. 

He also had the opportunity to work with eye donation counselors trained by LVPEI. The counselors spend time at the multispecialty hospitals, approach bereaved families and motivate them to make an eye donation. This forms part of the HCRP (Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program) which is the first of its kind started by LVPEI way back in 1990.

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