Saturday, 10 August 2013

Geetha can now see beauty of Godavari

As soon as one refers to the Godavari delta, one is reminded of the sylvan surroundings and luscious green fields characteristic of the region, and the vibrant river Godavari which is the lifeline of the region. 

However, quite ironically, these images were all a distant dream for Geetha from Tallapudi village. Geetha has been suffering from various disorders of the eye. She suffered from cataract which prevented her from having normal vision, and as a double whammy, living in a remote village meant she could ill afford the treatment involved. 

But by a stroke of luck, Geetha’s brother studying at Vijayawada came to know of the LVPEI tertiary centre there. Eventually, Geetha came over and got herself tested. Dr. Arpitha who examined her at the City Centre, suggested surgical intervention.

Though hesitant about surgery, the counseling provided by the doctor’s secretary Ms. Sirisha overcame Geetha's misgivings and she got herself operated. Sure enough, within a few days post surgery, Geetha's eyesight was completely restored and she cannot thank Dr.Arpitha and her secretary Sirisha enough for helping her out of the situation.

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