Saturday, 10 August 2013

From darkness to light – The miracle of glaucoma surgery

Regaining sight after living in a world of darkness is nothing but a miracle in Pradeep’s life. This is an inspiring story of a 14 year old boy who lost hope due to congenital glaucoma. When he was first brought to LVPEI Bhubaneswar, he was barely able to perceive light rays. Pradeep had managed to complete his 9th standard from a regular English medium school with the support of his doting parents, but he had gave it up because of poor vision.

After an eye examination by Dr Aparna Rao, his family was informed about the poor outcome of surgery in view of a previously failed trabeculectomy performed elsewhere. But despite the poor visual prognosis, his father agreed for the surgery.

Pradeep underwent Trabeculectomy + MMC surgery in both the eyes following which he surprisingly regained useful vision (binocularly 20/400). After successful surgery, he was further rehabilitated at the vision rehabilitation centre where he was advised to use assistive low vision devices. He was introduced to IT training and the audio mode of education to help him with his education.

He now uses spectacles and assistive low vision devices, as advised, and is attending school regularly, performing all his daily activities just as a normal child of his age. He is very happy to be able to read his entire text book on his own. His father expresses his gratitude and immense happiness for the hospitality, co-operation and support of the ever helpful hospital staff. Pradeep has conveyed that the Vision Rehabilitation Center occupies a special place in his life since he has come to know of the many ways of restoration of sight despite severe damage to optic nerve due to glaucoma.

Pradeep is now all set to prepare well for his future Board examinations and he dreams of continuing his higher education.

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