Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hope Restored for Veeramma

Mrs. Veeramma from Tempalli village, near Gannavaram, visited our campus in Vijayawada on July 12, 2012, with her 2 children, who were blind since birth. She was told by someone that the institute provided certificates to blind children to help them avail Government facilities.

However, on examination, her 6 year old daughter Roja was found to have total cataract in both eyes. Though she had noted white opacity in both eyes for her daughter at the age of 3 months itself, Veeramma had not opted for treatment owing to a bad prior experience involving her elder son who had the same problem since birth. He was operated in the right eye in a local hospital, but to no avail. Additionally, he developed constant pain and watering from the operated eye. This resulted in Veeramma losing faith in the health system, and not opting for any further treatment for her son or daughter.

However, the counselors and optometrists at LVPEI tried their best to convince Veeramma to get Roja operated in both her eyes and her elder son for his left eye. Finally, Roja was operated upon by Dr. Niranjan Pehere in both the eyes, following promises of free treatment and medical care. Now after surgery, Roja wears glasses. There a significant improvement in her vision. She plays around, goes to school like other children and Veeramma feels very happy about it. Her vision is not as good as the other children, but whatever new vision she now has, has changed her life significantly. 


During the Support Group meeting for parents with children suffering from childhood cataract, where all parents came to share their experiences, Veeramma could not hold back her tears of gratitude. She is so enthused with her experience that she uses it to persuade families with blind children to seek treatment at LVPEI. 

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