Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A History of Consanguinity

Eleven year old Mohammed Nooruddin has cataract in both his eyes.  He had developed it by the time he was four years of age, just like his elder sister.  Their eye doctor  in Karnataka  had  told  them  that  it was  because of  the  family's  history of consanguinity or marriage within blood  relations.

Noor's sister had been treated at LVPEI.  She is now in the 9th Grade, able to read, write and play outdoors, thanks to a simple corrective surgery in both her eyes that removed the opacity in her natural eye lens and replaced it with a transparent plastic lens.  Now the parents were here for Noor.  He was only seven years old when he was first here for surgery under Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya.  He now needs repeat surgery in his left eye and will be here a week later for cataract surgery in his right eye.

When we meet  the  family  the day  after his most  recent  surgery  in  the  in-patient ward on  the  third  level of  the Kallam  Anji Reddy Campus  in Hyderabad,  Noor  is obediently complying with  the Nurse's direction  to  tilt his head back  so  she  can  instill eye drops. He seems to take the many surgeries in his stride.

We wish him well.  And we wish that more families like Noor's seek treatment for cataracts.  

Patient:  Master Mohammed Nooruddin, seen by Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya

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