Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Family's Fortunes Reversed

When 11 year old Masoom  Ahmad  stated  the day  after his  surgery  that he could see the letters on the 'E' chart,  his surgeon Dr Raja Narayanan and his  team  in  the operating  room and outpatient clinic,  all  rejoiced.  

But the most joyful of all were Masoom's parents, for Masoom's was a curious case. Not  only was  vision  saved  in  his  only seeing  eye, they were relieved he was not going to suffer the same  fate as  their elder son who had  lost an eye after being accidentally elbowed  and  the  other  too  developed blindness in a peculiar condition known as sympathetic ophthalmia.  Their younger son Masoom had already lost his left eye despite surgery, and was in danger of losing the right eye too due to retinal detachment. 

Surgery had not helped the elder son, so the family was understandably tense, needing psychological counseling to overcome their foreboding.  The clinical psychologist at LVPEI counseled both parents, encouraging them to be strong in making the right decision for their child. By being in the right place and consulting the right surgeon, they had done the correct thing, she pointed out.   

The joyful parents now credit their happiness to the systematic procedures at LVPEI and the surgeon's skills.

Patient:  Master Masoom Ahmad , seen by Dr Raja Narayanan

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