Thursday, 28 February 2013

Squint Correction at Age 31

Dr Rajiv Das is training to be an ophthalmologist in Dibrugarh in Assam. He grew up with a squint, amidst the prevailing social belief that a squint was a harbinger of good fortune. Had his parents been advised to take him to a squint specialist for a surgery, preferably before the age of 6, Rajiv would have been able to see with both eyes. He wouldn’t have grown up a diffident student and a retiring husband, rarely accompanying his wife to social events.
On a visit to LVPEI to attend Eye-PEP 2012, a conference for postgraduates in ophthalmology, Rajiv decided to take the plunge and underwent surgery on 6 October 2012 to correct his squint. At 31, he knew that the correction would be merely cosmetic and vision could not be restored in his bad eye. But his eyes would be aligned, giving him a new look.
Three months later Rajiv feels much more confident, aspiring to specialize in oculoplasty and serve the people of Assam. He says, “I had met many famous squint surgeons, but only Dr Ramesh Kekunnaya told me about the simultaneous 5 muscle recession, resection and oblique transposition in my case. I will always remember the systematic work environment of the institute. The photographer, the help desk personnel, the counseling staff — everyone was very supportive. My post-op experience was good and I had no problems. All the nurses and attendants looked after me well.”

Dr Rajiv Das, MR P694423: Pre and post squint surgery; and the now smiling, confident oculoplasty aspirant.

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