Thursday, 28 February 2013

Smiley, the Little Anchor

Never did Bonny Gideon and his wife Nagamani imagine that the tiny hands that they held to teach baby steps would be leading them in future. The Gideon couple suffers from vision related problems; Bonny has cataract and several other vision related problems, and Nagamani suffers from night blindness. Their condition is irreversible. They hail from Pangidigudem village in Jangareddy mandal of West Godavari district and Bonny works as an assistant for an NGO. On the advice of some well wishers, they had been coming to the Sight Enhancement services department of L V Prasad Eye Institute in Visakhapatnam.
During this time, about three years ago, they became proud parents of a baby daughter who they named Smiley. But, when they were told that the baby had cataract, their dreams came crashing down at the thought of their child facing the same fate that they suffered. The doctors in Nidadavolu whom they consulted first, suggested that they take their baby to LVPEI. Smiley was brought to the institute at the age of four months.
When Dr. Avinash Pathengay saw them in the OPD, he stopped by to enquire about their well-being. When he heard that they were there not for themselves, but for their tiny bundle of joy, they were reassured about her vision. “They were very supportive and two surgeries were performed on Smiley. She is using vision correcting glasses on the doctors’ advice, is attending school and helping her mother after returning home. She reads the names of places and the numbers on the bus for us when we go out. She talks incessantly about the posters on the walls, and tells us about whatever is happening around us all along our way. She is the anchor to our lives; she is our eyes,” says the happy father.

Baby Bony Smiley Hadassa, MR N016601

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