Tuesday, 31 January 2012

An Eye on the Olympics

Jai Singh, 26, has had a passion for boxing for half of his life. His sights were set on competing in the 2012 London Olympics, when he suddenly found his vision becoming blurred! It was December 27, 2011 when Havaldar Jai Singh Patil, one of India’s leading boxers (75 kg category) found he couldn’t see very well from his left eye. He has represented India 10 times and had won the Silver medal at the Senior National Championship in Chennai recently. Now his career was at stake.

Acting quickly, the Army Sports Institute at Ghorpuri, Pune, where he has been since 2005, referred him to the Command Hospital in Pune. Realizing he needed specialized care, Major Pradip Kumar referred him to Col Sonia Puri at the Military Hospital in Secunderabad as an emergency case.

Jai Singh arrived at L V Prasad Eye Institute on December 31, 2011. Senior retinal specialist Dr Raja Narayanan diagnosed him with retinal detachment, probably caused a few days earlier by a glancing blow to his eye. He was immediately scheduled for surgery and operated upon.

Jai Singh Patil
A week later Jai Singh looked cheerful! His vision had already improved and was likely to improve further. He hopes to resume training for the selection camp for the 2012 Olympic Games. He is immensely grateful to the army for their support and encouragement – good training, good coaches, good food and facilities, he adds. He is also appreciative of LVPEI, saying that everyone has been exceptionally helpful to him. We wish him good luck and a successful career!   

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